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Expensive websites and modern designs are nice to look at, but they won’t guarantee you visitors, clicks or sales. On the other hand, being found prominently on the search engines will. 

Navigating through the world of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, can be a maze. The factors involved are a moving target – technology is changing at a rapid pace and so is Google’s algorithm. Appearing high on search engines cannot be ignored. Each month, web users perform billions of searches looking for products and services. Over 85% of all new visitors to a website originate from major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The conclusion – the most important aspect of your online campaign is high rankings in search results.

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Are you concerned about your business or website not getting enough traction or visitors? Business owners across Perth have set up a website for their business, but they are unable to direct traffic to generate sales. This is possible with SEO services in Perth that can help you build and increase your online presence. If you are looking to increase your search engine ranking to get your website ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more by an SEO Perth company – we got you covered.

SEO Perth

SEO Perth

Many companies claim to offer competency in a wide range of digital marketing services. At Search Consulting, our focus is simple and straightforward. We are an SEO firm in Perth that helps companies get found online to drive sales and acquisition of new customers. More specifically, websites looking to attract visitors via search engines are our speciality. Whether you are interested in SEO consultant services or looking for personalized SEO solutions to maximize your online presence, we can help. With several years of experience, Search Consulting is committed to offering quality SEO Perth services.

Being an SEO Company in Perth, we offer personalized solutions to all types of businesses that drive results. As SEO consultant Perth experts we are well aware of the ins and outs of SEO and its effective strategies that will help you rank better. There are a few factors that go into SEO consulting such as a site audit (commonly known as an SEO audit or audit), competitor analysis, and successful SEO training to ensure high website rankings. Therefore, the term ‘Free SEO’ doesn’t sit well with any marketer or SEO agency due to the complexity of search marketing. The Google algorithm is constantly changing which is why we as SEO experts need to manage and execute a marketing campaign for precision. Search Consulting and many other SEO agencies understand the importance of a brand’s online reputation and whether other search engines trust the website enough to rank it. For example, you probably found us by searching for SEO Company Perth or SEO Services Perth, this means Google trusts our website enough to rank us for these terms.

Whether you are considering search engine marketing, social media marketing or even web design, the right marketing consultant is needed to demonstrate expertise and contribute to the success of an online business. When marketing online, reputation management is something a business owner can easily overlook. Online reputation management involves pay per click (PPC) advertising, web development, a website design or redesign, media marketing, and more to gain profitability for your online business. As an SEO marketing company in Perth and Joondalup, we are experts in SEO techniques that provide a customized consultation to ensure you are confident with the objective. Looking to get started with an SEO consultation? Contact us today for a free quote.      

SEO Company Perth

Getting to the top of Google requires a clear approach and an experienced consultant to execute a plan in place. At Search Consulting, we ensure all our clients understand everything we’ll be doing to improve their ranking. Our Search Engine Optimization services in Perth are in accordance with Google’s guidelines.


One of the most important factors of a successful campaign is a shared vision with our client. Understanding your objectives are the foundation to ensuring your business expands and increases revenue.


Together, we will outline a long-term plan to successfully meet goals and objectives. An SEO plan will identify where the website is predicted to be in a certain period of time and how it’s improving.


There are different levels of SEO. This is determined by the industry that you are in. For those in a competitive market, a certain level of SEO will be required.


Finally, an SEO strategy needs to be executed with precision. This is where experience and skill come in. We’ll be reporting along the way everything we are doing to produce results.

What Are You Waiting For?

SEO Services Perth

Ultimately SEO is the practice in which different strategies are implemented to optimize individual web pages of a website, commonly known as on page SEO. When we talk about on-page SEO, both content and HTML source code (website code) of a web page is considered to be optimized. For a small business owner, it is advisable to keep on page SEO as the first step. As SEO Perth experts, we have the knowledge and understanding of the key techniques to optimize individual web pages and the content within it for a targeted keyword. SEO work is not an overnight fix, as a sudden increase in web traffic and rankings could penalize your website if you have gone against the Google search engine guidelines. Therefore, we monitor websites through Google analytics, ensuring that a complete website analysis is conducted so that we understand the website’s current performance and metrics.

It goes without saying that search engine optimization (SEO) has taken online marketing to new places where local SEO has become one of the integral components of an effective SEO strategy. Finally, SMBs have started to recognize and value the significance of local SEO that helps their local offerings to reach a wide and targeted audience. Search Consulting considers itself as a local SEO specialist guaranteeing impressive results in a short span of time. As SEO consultant Perth experts, we can help businesses devise a package that ensures top results which is in their budget. We understand the need to have high-quality content marketing on web pages for specific keywords to maximize reach. Another key factor any SEO Expert focusses on is cross-linking between pages on a website which improves a website internal linking structure. Whenever we embark on an SEO campaign we always ensure there are necessary 301 redirects in place (if needed), optimized URL normalization, effective use of the canonical link element, and well-written title tag and meta descriptions.

Our local SEO service includes credible and unique content that is developed to promote your business, brand, and its offerings using key SEO strategies. Off-page SEO is the practice in which SEO strategies are implemented outside of the website is known as off page SEO. This type of SEO further breaks down into multiple categories that help businesses reach a varied global audience. As SEO advisors, we are committed to maximizing your business’ reach by utilizing effective off page SEO strategies including link building, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), forums, blogs, citations, videos, and more. Before embarking on a new campaign, a good question to ask a google webmaster or SEO manager is what they will be doing to improve the site optimization and whether any black hat SEO tactics will be used. You need to ensure that all search optimization activities are white hat only as this is the only way to achieve good SEO. Ready to get started? Contact your SEO consultants today. We can help you reach SEO optimization success if you are looking to tap your potential target audience with local business SEO services in Perth.
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What Makes Up SEO Services?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, Search Consulting primarily focuses on SEO services. This gives us the edge to perform better than local and international competitors in the market. We have assisted numerous businesses to rank higher on search engines with efficient and result oriented services.


On-page SEO allows your website to rank higher & generate more traffic through search engines. As local consultants, we know exactly which on-page elements are crucial for your website.



From identifying relevant link building opportunities to social media and guest blogging, we’ve helped several businesses with off-page SEO to become a dominant force in the search engines



Is your business set up on Google My Business and familiar with your local community? As local SEO specialists, we’ll give your business the exposure it needs for local customers to find and contact you.


Why Do I Need An SEO Perth Expert?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website to improve its online visibility. SEO can be done for an entire website or a web page with one of the main goals being increasing the organic traffic. Internet marketing refers to several online marketing strategies however SEO is solely based on improving organic traffic from a web search engine’s organic search results. Optimization methods can focus on many areas such as video search, image search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search related topics. Being an internet marketing strategy, SEO differs from Local search engine optimization which focuses on targeting local customers and is more commonly known as Local SEO.

The world of SEO is constantly changing because its dependant on Google’s algorithms which are constantly changing. SEO is largely based on finding the most relevant keywords that will deliver high-traffic to a website or a web page. SEO projects can differ in what needs to be optimised. For example, a website may need solid HTML work done to see improvements, whereas another website may need indexing activities to ensure that search engines have successfully indexed their pages. Common SEO activities involve promoting a website to gain relevant backlinks, more commonly known as inbound links, to build a website’s authority, optimising a website to ensure its mobile-friendly with mobile search, and on-page optimisation such as writing meta tags and achieving an ideal keyword density. Any webmaster knows an important factor of online marketing SEO is indexation, if a spider cannot crawl your web pages, it cannot index it either. Indexation is done by submitting sitemaps to Google Search Console and ensuring the right URL’s have been included. Website optimization tactics involve more than keyword phrases, keyword research and search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization SEO is a marketing service that includes everything to do with website traffic. This could mean submitting a sitemap for indexation or directory submission to business directories such as the Yellow Pages or Yelp. This contributes to local SEO placement because it improves a website visibility during a search engine a marketing campaign. In addition to directory submission, unique content and avoiding duplicate content can increase your trust factor in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO consulting, like other internet marketing services, is crucial for any marketing campaign. Web marketing has never been so important for an online business and ultimately surpass any competitor for targeted search queries. Regardless of your niche, we will begin the SEO process with a thorough site audit and ensure SEO copywriting, conversion, and analytics analysis result in a high ROI and PageRank. Contact us today for more information on our SEO packages and our online marketing services.
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Benefits of SEO Perth Services

Search engine optimisation is often thought to only involve keyword research and mentioning certain terms and phrases on a website. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO results are the outcome of a well-executed marketing plan, white hat SEO techniques, link building services, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and more. Improving your web presence is going to increase your website traffic and therefore drive more relevant customers to your business. Being internet marketing experts, we use proven tactics to take a website from no man’s land (page 2) by optimising and implementing a content strategy, improve conversion rate, copywriting, and drive targeted traffic to key landing pages. With all our clients, we provide an initial SEO report outlining where their business may be lacking and what can be done to succeed in business goals. Don’t ignore marketing channels as the can prove to be the most powerful avenue of new business. Contact us today, your digital marketers, for a full consultancy on your business.

Being an internet marketing company and a leading marketing firm in Perth, we offer SEO packages that specialize in profitable website ranking and measurable results. Without the help of an SEO expert, implementing an online marketing strategy without the right knowledge may result in a Google penalty, such as the Panda or Google Penguin penalties. Regardless of your Management system, Google will penalise a website that isn’t willing to follow webmaster guidelines and adhere to shady tactics. In addition, your website may be the victim of spam which should be combatted by a disavow link process. Once you realize that hiring an SEO consultant is always the right move, your site SEO performance will improve. The real benefits of SEO management come from receiving relevant traffic that is interested in your business. As opposed to paid search and PPC management, you do not pay for clicks when it comes to organic traffic. Yes, a PPC agency will drive traffic to your website but SEO PPC tactics differ in how a website needs to be optimised. Mobile SEO and organic SEO can drive this traffic if a web page has been optimised correctly using SEO tools.

Getting to the first page and improving your Google ranking is possible provided an SEO professional has implemented a strategic website audit, on page optimization, secured relevant back links, optimised title tags, monitored conversion rates and more. Any digital marketing agency understands the importance of content creation during SEO campaigns, our holistic approach will not only increase traffic but also update your sales copywriting to increase revenue. Getting a visitor to convert (known as conversion optimization) is a skill that only the best SEO companies analyse making it a highly overlooked metric in SEO analytics. We will optimise your website with SEO best practices, increase search engine visibility, and perform outreach for link building strategies. Being one of the leading marketing agencies and SEO firms, our team of SEO Perth experts have driven and ranked websites at the top of Google, just look at our testimonials. If you are interested to learn more about our professional SEO services in Perth or just want to learn more about SEO, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions regarding web analytics, algorithmic changes, ecommerce questions, SEO web design and any other business needs you may have.

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Here’s what our clients say:

I hired Search Consulting to help me out with me SEO for my business and within 6 weeks my business was the top listing on Google for my industry. I cannot thank Search Consulting enough for their work, I have hired previous SEO companies and after months and months I never saw any changes, and literally within 6 weeks they were able to take my listing from page 8 to page 1.

It is hard to find people in the industry today who care for your business like they care for their own, and the team at Search Consulting is definitely a rare find. I feel like they treat my business like their own with the amount of work and effort that goes into it. I cannot recommend Search Consulting highly enough as you can see that what they do is done with passion. Thank you Search Consulting for helping my business rank so highly on Google, my enquires have gone up by 120% in the last 4 months and that is all thanks to you for helping me with my business SEO.

Sandra Tricoli

Executive Director – Savvy Creations PR


I have been running my business for more than ten years. Throughout this time, I have tried all types of advertising for my business such as Google AdWords, Google maps, Gumtree, Facebook, and many other types of services to gain more customers. However, through all this, I found that the most important method is SEO. SEO is something that must be executed properly otherwise you will lose time and money. Many companies contacted me from all over the world, but I decided that it was important to find someone in Perth.

So, I got into contact with Search Consulting and after a good discussion, I was prepared to go ahead with the SEO, as they proved to be very competent and knowledgeable in SEO. Until they started helping me, I had never been able to escalate in the organic positions in Google search higher than the sixth or seventh positions. They started working on my website and after a few days, I was in fourth and fifth already. After 2 months I was appearing in the second or third position and stable. Search Consulting is very professional, hardworking, precise and always asks for approval before publishing anything. I highly recommend Search Consulting for your SEO needs as you will not be disappointed. 

Silvio Vincini

Owner & Professional Motorcycle Instructor at MTWS

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