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Gaining an edge over your competition doesn’t have to drain you. Our SEO packages get your website analyzed, optimized and generating traffic which can provide an increase in sales, subscriptions, leads and more.

SEO Express


Best for low competition

  •  25 Keywords Tracked
  •  Website Optimisation
  •  Content Marketing (basic)
  •  Link building (basic)
  •  Google My Business Set-up
  •  Monthly SEO reporting




Best for high competition

  •  Unlimited Keywords Tracked
  •  Website Optimisation
  •  Content Marketing (advanced)
  •  Link building (advanced)
  •  Google My Business Set-up
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Monthly SEO reporting



Why SEO matters

Search engine optimization is one of the key ways to get a website found online. You can have the best looking, most user-friendly website, but if no one can find it through Google, what’s the point of having it? Our SEO packages involve several activities that are undertaken when raking a website. When we begin a new SEO campaign, we will assess the current state of the website, what the best method of SEO would be, and how competitive their chosen field is.

Some of these methods include on-site SEO which is the practice of ensuring everything on the website is optimised and in line with Google’s guidelines. This includes keyword research, title tag and meta description optimization, content marketing optimization, internal linking and any other areas that are on the page such as Headings and Alt Tags. An effective method of marketing is Local SEO which is done through Google My Business. Local search engine optimisation is the practice of ensuring your local customers can found you. For example, if your shoe repair business is in Perth, and someone searches for a shoe repair service in that area, your business listing should be appearing.

Another method we undertake as SEO consultants are off-site SEO. Off-site search engine optimization is everything happening off the website. This includes link-building strategies and building local citations through business directories such as Yellow Pages, True Local, Yelp and more. By doing this, you are spreading your brand accords the internet. The more places Google can find your business name with its details, the better. Because it knows it can trust you if you are mentioned in several places. Our SEO services are specific to your business. 

Our SEO pricing packages are designed to drive the most relevant traffic to your website. A successful SEO campaign will be bringing in a high number of users who are interested in this service. In a nutshell, what does the overall SEO process look like? 

1. Drive traffic (visitors) to your website
2. Convert those visitors into leads
3. Convert those leads into actual paying customers

Of course, the above steps are tailored to each website we work with, but the general goal remains the same. Get visitors to your website who are interested in your services. The important thing to understand is that by investing in SEO, you re giving your website the chance to gain exposure and bring in more visitors. 

Is SEO or AdWords Better?

This really depends on your business goals and objectives. Ultimately, there are key differences between SEO and Paid Search, the only commonality is that they both use search engines to generate business.

Paid search such as Google AdWords involves paying for clicks, better known as PPC (pay-per-click). PPC can be an effective strategy if your AdWords campaign has been strategically set up and is directly targeting your customers. However, you are paying for clicks and the price for each click is different because its dependant on the word. Depending on how competitive a keyword is, it will either have a high or low PPC rate.

As online marketers who only specialize in SEO, our goal is to target your customers without paying for clicks. We optimize your website to the point where Google is handing it to your customer because it knows the information is helpful and valuable. Being on the first page of Google is technically priceless, you can’t buy your position. You can invest money into your website to improve your rankings, but you can’t pay Google to feature you on the first page like you can do through AdWords. Our SEO monthly pricing is designed to grow your business online and effectively target your audience through the right channels. 

Looking for affordable SEO services? We deliver High-Performance Marketing Strategies through affordable SEO pricing for business in Perth and across Australia. Whether your company is operating on a local, national or international level, or maybe you just need a marketing plan, we are SEO specialists and know how to generate results. 

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The ability to get found online by the right customer, at the right time, is more important than ever before.