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Search Consulting is a full-service, SEO and marketing firm servicing the Joondalup area. What’s our speciality? Helping businesses like yours get found on search engines such as Google. Our goal is to help our clients boost search engine rankings and help educate them on the process along the way. Search engine optimization and marketing is a special science. It requires a strategic approach, qualified expertise and patience to achieve meaningful results and high-rankings in search engines. With the right strategy, a great plan and careful execution, your site can rise to new heights on Google’s search results pages.

Better rankings mean more traffic and Search Consulting can help you get there. Whether we’re working to improve where your site appears in search results, making sure people find you easily online, or monitoring and updating information about your business, our ultimate goal is simple: to help you find and engage with customers. Why not put Search Consulting’ extensive years of experience to work for you?

Need to drive local customers and prospects to your business? Skip the Yellow Pages; searches on computers, phones and GPS devices are how consumers find local resources today. As SEO experts in Joondalup, Search Consulting can help you build a local search marketing strategy that will keep your business front and centre with the locals. Search Consulting has been deeply immersed in search engine marketing helping business in Perth and Joondalup rank on Google. We work with agencies and businesses of all sizes to boost website traffic and engage with customers.


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Our SEO Process

What We Can Do For You

Search engine optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint. What this means is that for your business to achieve high Google rankings, it needs a long-term solution that will guide it in the right path. Each business is different, some have stronger competitors than others that have been doing SEO for years and are enjoying the benefits. As SEO Joondalup experts, we understand how search engines work when evaluating whether a website is relevant to search users. Here’s how Search Consulting can help you:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about keywords, content, and everything else that happens on the website. We can assist in this area by conducting keyword research specific to your business and identifying which search terms your customers use to find businesses like yours. Think about it, you found this page by searching for ‘SEO Joondalup’, what this means is that we have optimised this page with content and keywords so that you would easily be able to find it and read more about our services. This is how we drive traffic to a website, we make the web page relevant to what the searcher is looking for. 

Local SEO

There are many well-known landmarks in Joondalup, for example, the Joondalup library, Lakeside Shopping Centre, ECU Joondalup Campus (popular among students, of course). The one thing all these landmarks have in common is that they have optimised their online local profiles. For example, if you want to find out what time the Joondalup library is closing, you would most likely search for Joondalup library opening hours. From here, you would be presented with a local Google My Business listing that provides all the information needed about the opening hours as well as photos and reviews. 

Local SEO is extremely important to target local customers. If you have a business operating in Joondalup and you need SEO services to target locals, we can set up and optimise a local listing that will get locals in the area calling you! Or perhaps you want to target Perth as your location and customers across WA, we can help you with this as well. 

We also provide SEO consultations for those who are not sure if they even need SEO or how it will benefit them. If you would like to know more about our services, contact us today. We provide SEO services in Perth & Joondalup. 

SEO for Property Management in Joondalup

Being based in the Joondalup area, we have helped many real estate agencies & property management Joondalup companies rank on page 1 of Google. Our experts understand real estate and know how to position your agency to effectively target customers in your area, regardless if you are trying to advertise a rental or are looking to provide your estate management services in another city in Perth. We do, however, only take 1 company from each niche.