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On Page SEO Services 

Want to grow your customer base? Make it easy for people to find your website online through a trusted SEO specialist in Perth.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about improving your site’s search results rankings, regardless of whether that’s done through Local SEO or Link building services. Higher rankings mean better visibility, which results in more website visitors and ultimately, more customers means higher revenueThe numbers are clear: consumers click on unpaid, or organic, search results way more often than pay-per-click ads. So it’s no surprise that for most business owners, getting their site listed on the first page of results is priority one. Better position equals more clicks, and more clicks mean more business.

Our SEO services all about improving where a site appears in organic search results. It’s not always easy; there’s no single sure-fire trick to getting to page one. And it can take several months before rankings noticeably improve. Companies have quickly realized that being seen in search engines is not an option, it’s a necessity. The big question – How do potential customers find me on search engines like Google? Unlike other marketing initiatives, it’s not a function of money spent or “fixing” a few things on a website. On the contrary, our SEO specialists in Perth focus on content marketing, getting your on-page SEO “code” correct, finding online partners, constant monitoring of site traffic and timely revisions. 

“Organic” search optimization is simply the process of designing your website (code, content & strategy) to appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). The process includes creating meaningful content for your visitors, optimizing your web pages to specific keyword phrases, modifying your code to reflect the theme of the page and identifying related online partners to link to you. Although a long-term approach (generally a minimum of 3-6 months), studies show that appearing on top of the search results pages is a necessity when finding new customers online.


on page seo

The On-Page SEO Process

Each website’s objectives and goals are different. As such, the approach to optimizing pages will be customized to meet each client’s needs. Upon engagement, a plan may include the following:

Keyword Research – Research and analyze the most favourable keywords to target. Selection of such phrases is the key to any successful campaign. We look for phrases that are most appropriate for your business, have significant reach in search engines and have the greatest opportunity for success versus the competition.

Optimize Content – Create/modify meta tags through on-page SEO content (page titles, descriptions, and keywords) 

Improve the Internal link structure of the website – Quite often websites are designed in a way that search engine spiders have difficulty reaching deeper pages. Therefore, we will address any link issues and recommend additional linking help site navigation and increase page value to search engines.

Improve Existing Content – Add/optimize/delete pages and content to support selected keywords/phrases.

Monitoring search term rankings and improvements will ensure modifications are ultimately successful and help provide direction for future optimization efforts.

What’s the difference between SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing?
SEO focuses on improving your site’s ranking in organic search results. Many things impact a site’s organic search ranking; no one directly controls where a site appears in the list of results. PPC also focuses on improving a site’s ranking, but in the sponsored ad sections of a search results page. Advertisers have more control over where these ads appear; the more you pay, the higher the ad’s placement.

In addition, organic search results have greater growth potential because listings have a long life. PPC ads are limited both by budget and duration; when a pay-per-click campaign is over, PPC ads disappear, and so do your potential customers. 

What makes a website “search engine friendly”?
Meaningful, well-written content that’s rich in keywords and phrases related to your business, for one. The number of links within your site, as well as links from other sites to yours, for another. It’s important that the technical code that drives your site to be executed correctly, too. The list goes on and on and this is something we can discuss in detail through a strategy session

Why do I need an SEO Perth Expert to help improve my site’s organic search rankings?
With significant SEO experience behind us, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build and run a successful SEO campaign. Over the years, we’ve worked with several businesses of all sizes in Perth to dramatically improve their organic search rankings. Chances are, we can help you, too.