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SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimisation”. SEO encompasses the various methods and techniques to help manipulate a search engine to show your website first for a given search. As SEO experts in Perth, we tend to refer to these searches as “keywords”. While some keywords may only have 1 search or less per month, others can have thousands of searches. When the right set of keywords are targeted, it can mean a ton of traffic, and many new potential clients, coming your way. Search Consulting will identify the most relevant, highest-searched for keywords within your industry at the beginning of an SEO campaign. 

The internet has been the biggest boon for business in modern history, opening the door to millions of potential clients around the world. However, there is a challenge for business owners that this presents. Just because you have a web prescience doesn’t mean you will ever see a single visitor to your company website. Sadly, a website without traffic is wasted potential. There are many traffic generation methods available, but one of the most popular is SEO. 

While all that sounds great, the real question is, how does any of this translate into more customers and more sales? We have to look at some statistics to figure that one out. For example, did you know that between 30% to 33% of the search traffic of a keyword will go straight to the first result? Meaning that if a search has 1000 people who type it into Google every month, you will probably get around 300 visitors from it.

While that sounds like a great number, we then need to look at conversion rates. On average, most sites have a 1% conversion rate. That means that 1% of the people who visit will actually buy something or make an appointment. However, Even at 1% that can add up to quite a lot more business depending on how much a conversion is worth to you. With SEO, there are some costs that are one time only and some that may be monthly depending on the deal you work out with your SEO firm. For example, you will probably need a website design that converts. After that, your SEO firm will most likely charge a monthly retainer fee for their services.

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Increase Your Monthly Vistors

Compare that to PPC ads that are served on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Youtube. These ads tend to be high risk and high reward investment with a large margin of error. To get the same results, you typically have to spend thousands on an ad campaign. Sadly, even if you get visitors, the campaign may not convert if the audience targeting was incorrect. Meaning thousands down the drain. While SEO can typically cost into the thousands as well, often times the visitors are higher quality because they are looking for you, rather than you looking for them with paid ads.

Lastly, our SEO services can help your business grow just by virtue of being the first result on Google for a given keyword. Many customers tend to associate the first page, a first place ranking with trustworthy businesses that they can rely on. Hence, even if someone doesn’t even click through, they may still give you a call knowing that you are at the top.

Do Your Provide Guaranteed Ranking Results? 

This is a question we get asked quite often, and for those who haven’t practised SEO, it’s understandable that this question would get asked. The short answer is no, we don’t provide guaranteed SEO rankings. Why? because we don’t control Google’s algorithm. For all we know, Google could stop operating within the next weeks or months. What we do “ensure” is ranking improvements, due to our experience with previous clients, we are highly confident that we can improve current website rankings. 

Do You Only Provide Monthly SEO Services?

In addition to our monthly SEO services, we also provide one on one SEO training in Perth as well as workshops & webinars. These one on one consultations teach you how to optimise your own website & what you need to do to outrank your competitors. The initial consultation is $20/hour and we’ll uncover as much as we can regarding your SEO.