Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Study #1: Local and On-site SEO Campaign 

A client in the Public Relations industry was struggling to achieve online visibility for their targeted keywords. When we began this campaign in September 2017, the website was on page 3 for it’s targeted keyword and was receiving zero traffic.

We began the campaign by resetting the current site structure and creating key landing pages focusing on high-quality content. In addition, we optimised the current content on the website to increase relevancy and attract more inbound links. The main goals for this website were to increase the content on the pages, set up a site structure, improve the internal linking across the website and target head keywords on key pages.

We primarily worked with the owner to understand their vision as well as content writers who had writing experience in the PR industry. Within three months of on-site SEO optimisation, the website was ranking #1 for their targeted key terms as well as being on page 1 for other strong related keywords.

KPI Overview:

  • Page #1 Ranking for targeted keywords
  • Organic traffic increased from 0 – 115 monthly visitors

Here is a snapshot of the incoming organic traffic. We started the SEO campaign in September 2017:

case study 1

Case Study #2: On-site & Off-Site SEO Campaign 

In October 2017, we started with a client in the automotive industry. As a motorcycle instructor, our client was determined on increasing online visibility and getting more people to the website.

The SEO campaign involved keyword research, as the website was not effectively targeting the most searched words and instead included mediocre words that weren’t providing value. We conducted keyword research and identified the strongest words and then applied them to the website. In addition, we added a series of new pages targeting different motorcycle training lessons and increased the visibility for a specific one on one lessons.

Within two months of SEO, the website was sitting in #2 for it’s the most targeted keyword.

Compared to the previous period, here were the results:

  • Website users increased by 84.15% – 1,801 vs 978
  • New users increased by 87.90% – 1,708 vs 909
  • Sessions increased by 87.23% – 2,728 vs 1,457

Here is a snapshot of the website’s performance (organic traffic) compared to the previous period:

case study 2

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