SEO Training Perth

Book a 1-hour Consultation with me for just $40

How Does it Work?

In order to book an advisory session with me, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a registered ABN
  • Your business must be located in WA, NT or QLD
  • The business owner must meet with me
  • Your business must not have more than 19 staff
  • You cannot be a not-for-profit
  • The initial consultation is $40/hour plus GST and then any after that is $60/hour plus GST
  • You have access to up to 24hrs of consultations 

What Can We Talk About?

The one on one consultations are tailor-made for your business, but the general topics include:

  • Website Strategy Review – This includes a complete strategy review for your website & what actions you have to take to start seeing SEO results. I will identify the faults in your website that is preventing higher rankings & traffic. 
  • Competitor Analysis – We will uncover why your competitors are outranking you and occupying the higher positions in Google 
  • Local SEO Review – We will look into how you can effectively target customers in your area & how to set up Google My Business 
  • Off-Page SEO ReviewWe will look at the backlink profile of your business and what you can do to improve it. Without relevant links going to your website, it will be near impossible to rank on page 1 for competitive terms. 
  • On-Page SEO Review – We will review the current optimisation of your website, potential keywords you could be targeting, and how to effectively optimise for them. 
  • Technical SEO Review – This includes website indexation, overall website performance, website speed, URL structure & more
  • Content Marketing Review – We will look into your website’s content, blog posts, uncover blog post topics & more. 

About Business Station & ASBAS

Our SEO advisory sessions are provided through Business Station, which is a not-for-profit organisation providing small business services across Australia. Business Station has recently been contracted by ASBAS (Australian Small Business Advisory Services) to deliver digital consultations & workshops in WA, NT and Qld.

What are the benefits of a one on one SEO training session?

  • I’ll teach you how to take your website from zero visibility to a higher per cent in a short time.
  • You will get an expert set of eyes looking over your website and your competitors
  • You will have an actionable step by step plan on what to do to improve your website rankings
  • You get my complete attention for 1 hour (or for as how many hours you book)
  • Ask any questions you want & learn why your competitors are outranking you

Ready to Get Started?

To make a booking all you have to do is follow this link and create an account: 

  • Once your account is created, complete your profile & customer needs analysis
  • Then, click social media and digital marketing and book.
  • Once you have made your booking you will be able to see it on your Timeline –

About Me

I’m an experienced search engine optimisation specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing industry. I’m the founder of Search Consulting, a full-service SEO company in Perth. I’ve worked with some of Perth’s leading companies as well as several small businesses and startups.


Webinars & SEO Workshops in Perth

In addition to one on one training consultations, you can also register for SEO workshops in Perth as well as online webinars. Our SEO workshops cover the introductory side to SEO & how it can help your business. Please see below for our upcoming workshops: