SEO Myths & Pitfalls

Here are some of the common misconceptions we have experienced related to search optimisation:

From Search Engine Optimisation Firms:

Guaranteed #1 Ranking

Guaranteeing a #1 position in search engines results pages is 100% impossible. If you hear this from a service, run, don’t walk. As a means of attracting business, this is offered, but can’t be delivered. A common tactic would be to subsequently provide #1 placement in paid (PPC) results, which is a completely different approach.

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Monthly submission to engines will gain ranking

As part of a monthly service charge, firms will charge additional fees for routine submissions to search engines. Not only does this not improve rankings, but it may just frustrate them. Search engines will routinely “spider” your site, so if any information changes or is added, they will find it.

From Clients:

SEO takes no time. It’s just adding some keywords and changing the copy.

Each website is different. One may require some small changes, others more work. One thing is absolutely clear – all of them require a strategic approach to not only identify the issues and execute the plan but time to monitor the results. It may take months for the engines to recognize changes in pages, then more time to “tweek” the pages for stronger results. Also, your campaign may involve link building or a PPC campaign. In any case, organic SEO results are a long-term approach.

Professional SEO’s are too expensive

For some, this may be true. But you need to examine how important and expensive your own time is. SEO is a methodical, time-consuming process that requires constant attention. Take a look at how profitable new customers are. In many cases, a few customers can easily justify the cost of an SEO firm.

You should also be mindful of companies that claim to offer a lot for a small fee. In this industry, you get what you pay for.

Isn’t this something my web designer handles?

Web design/development and optimisation are two different services. Web designers are typically not concerned with optimisation – their focus is design. On the flip side, SEO’s focus on optimisation, not design. Be mindful – while some design firms say they offer SEO as part of their services, they typically are not concentrating on it at all, or hiring the expertise out to a specialist.

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