Our Approach

At Search Consulting, our philosophy is to take a strategic approach to our client’s SEO needs. We believe each website requires a custom-designed plan for success. As such, we involve and educate each client through the following process:

Step #1: Benchmark Current Situation
Step #2: Strategic Plan
Step #3: Implementing the Plan
Step #4: Monitoring the Results

Step 1: Benchmark Report

In order to gain a complete picture of the current effectiveness of your website, Search Consulting will explore some, if not all of the following:

Keyword research – The most important element to organic search engine success is optimizing your web pages for the appropriate search terms and phrases. We will gather this information from various sources, see where you rank for those terms and identify the relative competition on the major search engines.

Competition – Via several SEO tools we will identify your online competitors and determine the strength of their current campaigns.

Link relationships – Some search engines will value the links pointing to your website when determining your results position. Currently, Google not only weighs the number of links pointing to your site but also the importance of those pages pointing to your site.

Website analytics – Your website’s analytics tell you specific information about your traffic – how many unique visitors, page views, where they came from and what they searched to get there.

Website structure – Often, the coding of a website can be a significant reason as to why a site is not being listed on top of search engine results pages.

Most importantly, as with any marketing or advertising campaign, it is critical to establish upfront program goals. We will work with you to detail realistic and quantifiable objectives. We will measure any success against these goals down the road.

Step #2: Strategic Plan & Website Audit

In the Strategic Plan phase, we will present findings from our initial analysis. Typically, a comprehensive review will take 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of your site and business category. Based on your established goals, we will provide a recommended plan of action to boost stronger search engine results.

We will also present a budget associated with this recommended plan. Once the budget is approved, we will provide a contract for plan execution.

Step #3: Campaign Implementation

Every website is different, and thus each will require a custom plan of action. Based on the initial evaluation, this stage may include any, or all of the following:

On Page SEO – Page Optimization

Meta Tag Optimization – Meta tags are unseen pieces of web code that define the page title, description (often shown in search listings), and keywords traditionally used to find your site. As each page of your site is different, the meta tags will also change.

Content Optimization & Consultation – The content of each page is optimized for higher search results as well. Generally, the first 200 words of body copy are important for search engines “crawling” a site. Other elements of the pages are modified for higher search results including architecture, navigation, images, text links, and headlines.

Content – Search engines interpret a page by looking not only at that page’s content but also by looking at other pages linked to that page. Clustering your content so that similar pages are grouped under a particular page increases the importance of that page and your overall content marketing efforts.

Create and submit a sitemap – Search Engine spiders find pages of your site by links on the page. The best way to quickly get a spider to look at all of your site’s pages is to incorporate a site map linked from the home page. A site map is a hypertext listing of all of the important content on your site.

Local Citations – The internet offers thousands of directories for website submission. We will identify the most appropriate industry-specific, paid and free directories that would provide value to your campaign. Yellow Pages and True Local are two great examples of strong directories that help with local SEO. 

Link Building Campaign – Most top search engines place great importance on the sites that link to you. We will create and manage a link building campaign, and approach potential site partners for linking.

Step #4: Monitoring the Results

Perhaps the most neglected area of search engine optimization is evaluating the results and continuing to modify pages to improve positioning. Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing approach, but when it starts to gain traction, the impact on your business can be enormous.

We use tools that will analyze traffic coming from search engines, as well as identify where you stand on the search results pages. This information will prove valuable as we continue to “tweak” your website, look for additional outside links and employ other tactics to help drive success.

As you start to see improved positions, you can then consider adding additional content pages and optimize for new key phrases.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach to search engine optimization, contact us today.