What is SEO Copywriting & Do I Need a Perth or Melbourne Copywriter?

What is SEO Copywriting & Do I Need a Perth or Melbourne Copywriter?

what is seo copywriting

Having an online presence is one of the key factors that lead to the success of any business in this information age. Being easy to find online and creating engaging content that keeps your audiences informed, entertained and most importantly repeatedly visiting your site is the main aim of SEO. But how do you achieve this? To properly executive this, you may need a  professional copywriter or Perth expert to steer your content in the right direction. 

SEO copywriting refers to the creation of informative and engaging content that enables your website to stand out on search engines and attract the calibre of an audience that you want. Properly written and relevant SEO content, allows Google and other search engines to rank your website higher than others thus making it easy to find on the internet labyrinth. Proper SEO copywriting is dependent on the words that you use in creating your content.

These words are known as keywords. Keywords are words or phrases through which search engines can identify the topic of your website’s content and rank it for easier access when those words or phrases are searched for.

What is the Importance of SEO Copywriting?

Search Engine Optimization is the route for easy access to your website. For example, before the growth of online commerce, anyone who started a business had only one focus, location. Locations on a busy highway with lots of traffic were preferred to those in the back ways or alleys. Being on a major highway meant increased the chances of having more customers in your business and thus more sales and increased profits. Through proper SEO copywriting, business increase the chances of their websites and online pages getting more traffic. This leads to more customer and increased audience reach and more time spent on your website.


Factors to Consider in SEO Copywriting

Keyword Frequency

As a business owner who has just learned of the important keywords in SEO copywriting, you may decide, that it is time to create your own website articles and direct more traffic to your website. In doing this, you may decide that since your business deals in shoe sales, you will create articles that are filled with the word shoe in them. This is wrong as search engines looking for more than just one word. Ultimately, they search for relevance around your article, do you mention similar writing shoes within your content? Do you mention the words sneaker, trainers or runners? An article written on shoes that doesn’t mention these terms will look odd in the eyes of search engines. 

Search engines search out website’ keywords and when well used and rank them in the first pages of search results. Professional SEO copywriters are best suited to create website content that ranks on the keywords you provide for your business’ sake.

What are you writing about?

Another important factor to consider in SEO copywriting is the content. Is your website content relevant, informative and authoritative to your target audience? If it is, it will help search engines rank your website highly.

Is your content relatable?

For SEO copywriting to be successful, the content on your website needs to relatable. This means that the content you create needs those who read it to direct others to it. In SEO terms, this directing is referred to as links.

Links from other websites to your website enables search engines to consider your website an authority and therefore rank it high. Link building is an important part of SEO copywriting success.


These three factors are the building blocks of effective SEO copywriting that experts rely on to help your online presence get credibility and authority on the search engines.

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