Why Does a Website Need SEO?

Why Does a Website Need SEO?

website needs seo

Search engine optimisation is the method of making a website easier to find. This is done through various on-site and off-site activities such as keyword research (see keywords everywhere), technical auditing, link building, local optimisation and more.

The point of this blog post is determining why a website needs SEO and how it can benefit from it.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

You have probably heard of the term SEO before and probably wondered what it is and how it can possibly help you. SEO is an online marketing technique where a website is optimised to receive more traffic from search engines. Simply put, SEO makes your brand easier to find on the internet. Why would you need this for your website? This simple formula explains it – SEO = More Leads + Sales + Revenue

If you sell a product or service online, one thing you need in order to make sales is visibility. It’s quite simple – if your customers cannot find you, how can they buy from you? Business owners today still don’t seem to understand how important it is to be easier to find on the internet and this is due to an excessive amount of different options for customers.

If someone jumps on Google and searches for a term, there are several options they can choose from. With all this competition in the way as it is, a website that hasn’t undertaken SEO won’t stand a chance in drawing the customers eye to their website. The only exceptions to this are if the customer already knows of your service, or you are using other methods of advertising such as AdWords or local advertising. SEO not only makes a website easier to find, but it also establishes your brand.

SEO creates brand Recognition

To achieve brand recognition and familiarity amongst your market, you need to be well-known. This is accomplished over on-going exposure to your audience, as they will become more knowledgeable about your business and your services over time.

When you optimise a website for SEO, you are now placing your services right in front of your customer. If they are constantly seeing your brand appearing within Google and other search engines, they will start to become familiar with who you are and what you provide.

Brand recognition is beneficial because the more well-known you are within your industry; the more current and new customers are likely to work with you. This is because you are a credible source and people can trust you.

Brings traffic to a website

For a website to be successful it needs traffic. Traffic in the marketing world is referred to people going to a website or web page.

A website needs traffic in order to function, meet goals and achieve results. What kind of traffic sources are there?

  • Organic traffic is key for SEO. In fact, an SEO campaign is largely based on growing organic traffic for a website because the traffic hasn’t been paid for, making it organic.
  • Paid traffic is what we seen from paid adverts. Google Ad Words provides paid traffic to a website.
  • Social Traffic is incoming traffic from social media.
  • Referral traffic is referred to visitors coming to your site from sources outside of search engines. This happens when someone clicks on a link on one website that directs to another. 
  • Direct traffic is coming from users who are directly going to a website and not coming from another source on the internet.

website traffic

Regardless of what kind of traffic you are receiving, a website needs traffic and SEO is one of the key ways in doing so.

Authority in your Niche

Being seen as an authoritative figure within your industry has multiple benefits. As we mentioned earlier, if people trust you and view you as a credible source, they are more likely to engage with your services.

How can you become an authoritative figure online? You need visibility. You need proof that what you are doing is helping and adding value to customers. This is seen through reviews, testimonials, partnerships, collaborations and positive mentions of your brand. When you optimise a website for SEO, you are ensuring your brand name is presented as valuable among those in your market. If you are ranking highly within search engines, customers will have no choice but to think you know what you doing, or why else would you be there?

Chance to expand

For a website providing services or selling products, one of the most important factors is expansion. This could mean expanding your product range, adding more services or releasing new products. Regardless of the expansion, SEO highly assists in building a website because it generates sales. If you have executed a successful SEO campaign and you are receiving visitors, enquiries and calls daily, your business is growing. This is because people are in demand for your services and also because your services are easy to find.

For a website that is nowhere to be found on the internet, its chances of expansionares limited. This is because can’t find their current products, so how can they possibly expand and open a new line of services?

Effective (and free) method of Advertising

The organic listings in search engines cannot be bought. They are earned through white hat SEO techniques that have been executed over a period of time, sometimes even a year and more. This is one reason why SEO takes so long to work and see results. For Google to rank your website, it needs to trust you. It is not going to add a brand new website to page 1 over websites that have been there for years, it doesn’t make sense.

A great analogy I often explain to my clients is when someone starts out at the gym, they don’t become big and see muscles within a few weeks. It tales working and building every day for months on end to see improvements. This is exactly the same for a website, you have to work at it and build on it before Google recognised it as a credible, worthy website.

Especially in 2018, SEO is crucial for any website looking to increase online visibility and improve their organic traffic. The easier it is for someone to find you, the easier it is to sell your products and services. Need more help? contact us today for a full consultation on your website. 

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