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optimise webpage seo

How To Optimise a Webpage for SEO

Trying to optimise a web page for SEO can be tricky. There are a few factors one needs to consider when deciding what they would like the web page to target. Some questions to ask yourself be optimising a web page is what is the purpose of the page? Do you want people to make…
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seo tools

My 5 Favourite SEO Tools & Why You Should Use Them

As someone who works with websites everyday in order to gain more traffic and sales, one thing I need is tools. Without the required tools, there is only so much an SEO can do to optimise a website effectively. Now, there are various tools for various activities, of course. Some tools are used solely for…
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website needs seo

Why Does a Website Need SEO?

  Search engine optimisation is the method of making a website easier to find. This is done through various on-site and off-site activities such as keyword research, technical auditing, link building, local optimisation and more. The point of this blog post is determining why a website needs SEO and how it can benefit from it.…
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