Florida 2 Update: Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Update March 2019

Florida 2 Update: Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Update March 2019

google confirms broad core algorithm florida 2 update march 2019

This latest Google algorithm update is a core update that is being said to be very big.  This is one of the largest updates we have seen in years, which means something quite important changed in the Google landscape of how sites are going to be ranked.  This was a core update that was broad and not specific to any one niche but for the entire internet. Google does this to improve its search engine results that are delivered to its users.

Why is it called Florida 2? Well, back in the early 2000s the first Florida update was released.  This release date was near or around the Pubcon Florida conference. Pubcon is based out of Austin TX and is a big influencer in the SEO and marketing industry.  Their conferences offer 100’s of speakers in the digital marketing area that are full of knowledge. Some of these speakers are right from Google themselves.

UPDATE: Google is now officially calling this update the March 2019 Core Update.

What Did Florida 2 Target?

Google is getting more and more into the relevance of the content on your pages and backlinks.  They say there isn’t anything you need to do to conform to this new algo change. However, if you are looking to improve your sites rankings, you should be looking at the relevance of the site.  Overall, the update seems to be “giving back” a little from the previous updates and most SEO’s are finding the update helpful.

Some observations people have seen with Florida 2, which was announced before it was actually released is the volatility response to the update was less.  This means that Google often throws out updates without warning and sites tend to jump all over the place for a bit but this time that didn’t seem to happen as much.  Another observation was the patterns seem to be the same from Mobile to Desktop. And, the categories that seem to be more affected were automotive, animals and pets and health.  However, Google has denied that this update has anything to do with the niche at hand.

When Did The Update Take Place?

This algorithm change occurred around March 12 or 13 and from it, the sites will see immediate effects, either good or bad.  Most are reporting better results and more traffic on their affiliate sites and alike. Seems that whatever they did, many SEO’s are pleased with the results.  

If you are looking to rank a site, the best practices are to stick with niche relevant content and offer what your customers needs.   Other important factors have competitive pricing and make the site easy to navigate for clients. Make sure you have terms and conditions and about us pages, basically filling the website out as it is an actual website.  Because, well it is, however many affiliate sellers forget that part. Continue to build valuable backlinks that are niche related and not spammy. All these things can help maintain the SERPs position.

What Can You Do?

Google will be forever changing the way its search engine works.  As systems get smarter and people take advantage of loopholes, it will be a never-ending battle to be at the top of search engines.  However, if you maintain a proper site with proper structure and good backlinking strategies, you can win that battle and have an evergreen site as they call them.  These are sites that are rarely affected by these algorithms as they are not trying to game the system in any way. For more info on the update, check out the Webmaster World forum here.

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