Domain Authority Update 2.0

Domain Authority Update 2.0

domain authority update 2.0

If you keep up to date with the latest in SEO, you’ll know that Moz recently launched Domain Authority 2.0, leaving many website owners asking why did my domain authority go down?

Domain authority (DA) gives an indication of how credible a site is based on the algorithm developed by Moz. It provides a score from number 1 to 100 and is one of the many metrics SEO’s use to filter websites. This metric helps to identify the authority as well as the quality of a website. With that being said, let’s discuss the latest DA update of 2019.

What’s New in Domain Authority Update 2.0?

DA 2.0 is an improvement on domain authority. This model includes new factors that will impact on how the strength of a site is measured. The following changes are expected with DA 2.0:

The Data Set

The new data set is more reliable and considers sites that lack any keywords for ranking. Your website’s performance will be based on its performance in the SERP’s.


The transition from a complex linear model to a neutral network is also noteworthy. The neutral network resembles the human brain. It will no longer be possible to manipulate links as this will be quickly detected.

Model Factors

With DA 2.0, spam and link quality patterns are considered. The performance of your site will, therefore, be more accurate.

Link Index

There are many more links which means a lot more information is available. This improves your site’s reliability and accuracy as there is increased link data and better ways to measure it.

Does Domain Authority Matter?

Since DA is an indication of how well your website will rank in Google…or how badly on the flipside…your score is calculated based on the average of metrics and link data. Websites that have a high number of external links that are of high quality will have a higher DA score than new sites that have fewer links.

Domain authority (DA) shows you how strong your website is with regard to SEO. It also gives an indication of how your website will be ranked depending on particular keywords in comparison to other websites.

If you have relevant, authoritative websites linking to your site, your DA score grows stronger. When you are consulted by other websites, it is evidence that you are an authority and your content can be trusted. In addition, it shows that you’re an expert in your field. So in this sense, domain authority does matter.

Once you have that reputation of being a trustworthy source of information because you provide accurate and credible information, then you have it made. Your DA score will continue getting stronger as your website appears on more searches ad gets more clicks.

How to Increase Domain Authority

Growing your link profile, with relevant, high-authority links for one. The other technique is implementing a domain authority stack (DAS) on your website. This involves “stacking” high DA properties together in conjunction with your money site. Some of the properties include Facebook, YouTube, WordPress and more.

Does Google Care About DA?

Maybe, maybe not. One thing to always remember is that metrics from SEO tools such as Moz, Ahrefs & Majestic are not part of Google’s algorithm. Google, as far as we know, does not take into account your DA score when ranking your website as it has it’s own algorithm.

There is often the case when you see a website ranking #1 in your niche with a low DA score, the reason being is that Google see’s the website as a relevant, trustful source of information, even if Moz doesn’t.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

A general rule is that if a website has a Domain Authority Score of 30 and higher, that is considered “good” or valuable. A domain authority score of 20 is not a bad place to start either. Here is a post from Moz that states, “there isn’t necessarily a “good” or “bad” Domain Authority score”.

But as we mentioned earlier, Google’s algorithm does not factor in your domain authority score. There are sites with a DA score of 30-40 and they are being outranked in the SERPs with sites whose score ranges in the 20s. Instead of focussing on your DA score, put out regular, high-quality content and the links will come.

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