Ahrefs vs Google: Ahrefs Plans To Launch New Search Engine

Ahrefs vs Google: Ahrefs Plans To Launch New Search Engine

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Dmitry Gerasimenko the founder and CEO of Ahrefs (a well-known SEO tool provider) recently announced plans to create a general purpose search engine to compete with Google. Dmitry believes their new offering has the potential to eat into Google’s market share by addressing some of its fundamental flaws. He went on to explain this in details in subsequent posts that first appeared on Twitter. Below are some of the issues that the Ahrefs search engine will address.

ahrefs search engine

– Dmitry Gerasimenko’s official Twitter announcement

Let’s break down the issues that Dmitry Gerasimenko cited:

Privacy Concerns

We all know the numerous privacy concerns that have dogged Google’s entire ecosystem for a while now. Some may argue that relinquishing a bit of privacy is the price one has to pay considering that most of their tools are free of charge. That said, there has been growing concern from various quarters about the amount of private data harvested by Google. Dmitry did not go into details about how their new search engine will address privacy but alluded to these challenges, an indicator that they may be looking at privacy as a selling point.

Profit Share – Ahrefs Will Share Profits With Publishers

According to Dmitry Gerasimenko, Google makes approximately 100 billion USD from its search engine alone. Most of their earnings are made from content they do not own or host. Dmitry is of the opinion that Google should be splitting earnings at a ratio of 90/10, therefore, sending 90 billion USD to publishers instead. He went ahead to make reference to other websites like Wikipedia and how they would benefit from this revenue sharing model instead of asking for donations every year.

He also gave a good example of how YouTube’s profit share gave rise to a whole new industry of video making for a living. This would actually allow sites to get rid of premium/paid content and get their income from Google. This will allow them to focus on creating good content.

Google Is Robbing You Traffic With Previews And Snippets

You’ve probably done a search on google about a topic and lo! and behold, all the information you wanted is right there in the “detailed” previews on the search results page. This means that you don’t need to visit any of the links in the results and can move on to something else. What a time saver Google is! Now, this may sound good for the normal web user but is terrible news for the poor content publisher whose content got scraped and featured in the preview. It means they miss out on valuable traffic that would have lead to conversions, welcome to the world of SEO

Final Thoughts

Long story short, Ahrefs aims to introduce a publisher centred search engine that also comes with privacy. Whether their offering will have what it takes to tilt the scales and garner enough search volume to rival Google remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Ahrefs is looking for developers with Rust /OCaml experience and Data scientists to help them in the project. This search engine sounds like a Godsend to content producers but will it appeal to the masses out there? Time will tell.

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