5 Reasons Your Perth Business Needs SEO in 2019

5 Reasons Your Perth Business Needs SEO in 2019

5 reasons your perth business needs seo 2019

Search engine optimisation gets a bad rap, and not just in Perth. As a full-service SEO agency in Perth, one thing we are specialists in is not only ranking websites in Google but also growing businesses online, particularly companies in Western Australia.

Still on the Fence About SEO?

You may already be asking yourself, we are a small business, can we afford SEO? But the question should actually be can you afford not to do SEO?

Often times through our initial consultations with clients, we get asked: “Why does my business need SEO?” This question is common and understandable, which is why we have put together a blog post addressing 5 core reasons why your small business in Perth will benefit from ranking highly in search engines. So, let’s begin.

Increase Organic Traffic

Here’s an interesting stat, 75% of people don’t scroll any further than the first page. It doesn’t get much clearer than that, if your business is not on page 1, you are losing the online game to your competition. 

seo first page

There are various types of traffic (fancy jargon for users coming to a website) sources on the internet. The common ones are organic traffic, paid traffic, social traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic. When it comes to SEO, the traffic you want to be paying attention to is organic traffic.

Organic traffic is users coming to your website organically due to high rankings in search results. The core difference with this type of traffic is that you not paying for it, hence the term organic, you have earned it. So why would you want to increase your organic traffic? Because the more people that are going to the website increases the chance that your business will start to grow, whether that’s through selling products or providing a service. 

A successful search engine optimisation campaign will increase your online traffic and therefore increase online sales and visits. Quick equation: SEO = More Leads + Sales + Revenue.

Build Your Brand Online & in Perth

Ever notice how companies like Nike, Addidas, and Coca Cola have to do very little in regard to advertising. Sure, they have massive competition but the fact of the matter remains that they are very well-known.  Why is this important? Because if you well know within Perth or whichever city you are operating from, you will have significant benefits. Locals will know your name, what you do and you will receive referrals and in-coming business simply due to the fact that people know about you.

This concept directly transfers to how Google works. If you have a strong brand online, Google will trust your website and favour it within the search results. As SEO specialists in Perth, we build brands online so that search engines will identify easily with your website and that your services will become visible to locals. 

Understand the Long-Term Benefits 

One of the most important things to understand when beginning an SEO campaign is that it’s a long term strategy. SEO takes time. It’s just the way search engines work, Google needs time to figure out whether your business is legit or not and that you are not trying to game the system. This is why an agency cannot guarantee SEO rankings, you need to earn them over time. 

Regardless of how long it takes, Perth businesses need to understand that SEO is a long-term investment. Your website could be a completely different ROI machine in 6-12 months provided you are achieving high rankings an earning relevant organic traffic. Always think long-term and how Google is going to reward you with high-visibility once it has learnt to trust your brand online. 

Everyone Looks For Businesses Online

How do we find and look for things today? We don’t use the phone book or the map under the passenger seat, we use Google. And it’s been like this for several years. Surprisingly, even today, business owners still can’t seem to grasp this simple concept and are still holding onto traditional methods of advertising. But the truth is, your business needs to be online and staring your customer in the face 24/7. 

Still unsure about this? Read this – 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Don’t waste any more time, contact us today. 

Keeping up With The Competition

As business owners, one thing we have to be cognizant about is our competition. One thing I can guarantee is that your competition is doing SEO. They are improving their website to earn more revenue and grow their business. The only way to beat them is to outrank them. Plain and simple. 

If SEO wasn’t “worthwhile”, your competition wouldn’t be doing it. That being said, understand that it is never too late to start optimising your website and getting your business up there among your competitors. 

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