page speed important seo

Is Page Speed Important for SEO?

A few weeks ago, our page speed was poor. Our website was taking far too many seconds to load both on desktop and mobile. As SEO’s we knew we had to address this immediately. It was a problem that crept up on us and was only identified when we ran a page speed insights test…
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off page seo

How To Improve Your Off-Page SEO

Search engine optimization is an interesting internet marketing strategy. Over the years, it has definitely evolved and changed in the way certain strategies are now undertaken. SEO also involves different fields of optimization. For example, there is local SEO which involves targeting local customers within your area, on-page SEO which has to do with everything…
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how to use keywords everywhere for accurate search volume data

How to Use Keywords Everywhere Tool for Accurate Search Volume Data

Oh, keyword planner. How you’ve always been there for me, providing results on search terms that made my life just so much easier. I really appreciate the help, I truly do. If only I could say the same today. Good things do in fact come to an end, and the days of getting accurate search…
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webpage optimised seo

How to Tell If a Page Has Been Optimised For SEO

For those who are familiar with SEO and have experience in ranking websites in search engines, a poorly optimised page stands out like a saw thumb. There are certain tell-tale signs every page has that hasn’t been optimised and sometimes fixing these mistakes takes less than 5 minutes. In this blog post, we will discuss…
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optimise webpage seo

How To Optimise a Webpage for SEO

Trying to optimise a web page for SEO can be tricky. There are a few factors one needs to consider when deciding what they would like the web page to target. Some questions to ask yourself be optimising a web page is what is the purpose of the page? Do you want people to make…
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seo tools

My 5 Favourite SEO Tools & Why You Should Use Them

As someone who works with websites everyday in order to gain more traffic and sales, one thing I need is tools. Without the required tools, there is only so much an SEO can do to optimise a website effectively. Now, there are various tools for various activities, of course. Some tools are used solely for…
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website needs seo

Why Does a Website Need SEO?

  Search engine optimisation is the method of making a website easier to find. This is done through various on-site and off-site activities such as keyword research, technical auditing, link building, local optimisation and more. The point of this blog post is determining why a website needs SEO and how it can benefit from it.…
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