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seo guaranteed

SEO Guarantee

Can an SEO company guarantee first page rankings in Google? Of course! Should you believe them? Uh, probably not. To put it simply, you should not believe an SEO agency or consultant when they guarantee specific rankings for your website. The reason for this is due to many factors, the main one being that SEO’s do not…
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domain authority update 2.0

Domain Authority Update 2.0

If you keep up to date with the latest in SEO, you’ll know that Moz recently launched Domain Authority 2.0, leaving many website owners asking why did my domain authority go down? Domain authority (DA) gives an indication of how credible a site is based on the algorithm developed by Moz. It provides a score…
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what does an seo consultant do

What Does An SEO Consultant Do?

Last updated: January 9th 2019 Search engine optimisation services can be provided in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways businesses get help in SEO is through an internet marketing agency that provides the services they are looking for, Another route is using a freelancer who may serve a small number…
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seo minion

How To Use SEO Minion For Daily SEO Tasks

One of the latest SEO tools to hit the chrome store is SEO Minion, an easy to use extension that helps you streamline daily tasks such as an on-page SEO analysis, broken link checking, SERP preview and location-specific searches. Because we enjoy and use the Keywords Everywhere tool every day, we decided to cover SEO…
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how to use keywords everywhere for accurate search volume data

How to Use Keywords Everywhere Extension Tool for Accurate Search Volume Data

Last updated: December 9th 2018 Keywords Everywhere is arguably one of the most effective extensions because as an SEO, keyword research is critical. Without it, you wouldn’t know what search terms to target and how to effectively optimise a website. As with anything, it’s almost impossible to do the job without the right tools at hand.…
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what is seo copywriting

What is SEO Copywriting & Do I Need a Perth or Melbourne Copywriter?

Having an online presence is one of the key factors that lead to the success of any business in this information age. Being easy to find online and creating engaging content that keeps your audiences informed, entertained and most importantly repeatedly visiting your site is the main aim of SEO. But how do you achieve…
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blog post cover grow your phone repair business with seo

How to Market Your Phone Repair Store With Social Media & SEO

Successfully advertising and marketing a phone repair store can be tricky. Without a well-planned and executed marketing strategy, your online presence can fall flat, and that applies to any repair business. In 2018, you need to have an angle on your competitors. SEO and marketing tactics that worked a few years ago might not even get…
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search news logo

Search News – SEO Newsletter – 5/08/18

Industry News: Google confirms broad search algorithm update is rolling out There is no “fix” if your website was hurt by this last Google update, Google says. But at least you know there was indeed a Google update that may have impacted your website in a good or bad way. What Google & SEOs Are…
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search news 29 07 18

Search News – SEO Newsletter – 29/07/18

Industry News: Google Drops Public Site Submission on Fetch / Inspection Tool It appears, though, that Google has continued to receive too many manual submissions, and thus chose to drop its public submission feature. Report: Google mobile speed update has no impact on general mobile rankings So far, the Google Speed Update algorithm has had…
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page speed important seo

Is Page Speed Important for SEO?

A few weeks ago, our page speed was poor. Our website was taking far too many seconds to load both on desktop and mobile. As SEO’s we knew we had to address this immediately. It was a problem that crept up on us and was only identified when we ran a page speed insights test…
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