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Based in Western Australia, Search Consulting is an internet marketing agency specialising in search engine optimisation in Perth. Our philosophy is to take a strategic approach to our client’s search engine optimization needs. We believe each website requires a custom-designed plan for success. At Search Consulting, our focus is simple and straightforward. We are an SEO firm that helps companies get found online to drive sales and acquisition of new customers. More specifically, websites looking to attract visitors via search engines are our speciality. 

We have been featured on major news outlets such as the VC News Network. Read our write up here. 

We have successfully ranked local businesses in Perth and across Australia to the top of Google, increasing their overall revenue and business. Just visit our case studies for more. What makes us unique from our competition in the digital marketing industry is that our focus is solely on SEO. We don’t offer any other internet marketing services except for SEO because this is our speciality and what we focus 100% of our time in. It goes back to the debate of whether it’s better to be a generalist or a specialist. The way we see it is we would rather be great in one thing, than mediocre in a range of different things. 

Because SEO is so diverse and covers a range of different activities, our services successfully include and implements everything your website or brand will need to succeed online. We have a successful track record of results and are confident in our ability to accelerate your business to a new level. 

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