Why should you use it?

using Google Apps

1. Familiarity: chances are you’re already using Google Apps.Tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive are being used by millions daily. So there’s little to no learning curve involved which saves you time and money on training.
2. Costs: in the good old days of setting up a business or office environment, you’d
typically have to spend thousands on hardware, software, and support
if you wanted to keep your business running. Computer hardware, Microsoft Office, licensing fees, maintenance costs for software and hardware, and the overhead for people all add up. All of these ongoing costs affect your bottom line profits and sanity. Google Apps for Work starts at $5 per user and with Google Apps Promo Codes and flexible payment options, your business can run for less than a cup of Starbucks Coffee.
3. Security: your business documents, files ,work are stored in the Cloud on secure Google servers in data centers that are built for reliability, redundancy, and security. Computer viruses and hacking are now a worry of the past.
4. Accessibility: Internet access to your files anywhere on any platform means your business doesn’t stop when office hours ends. Offline support is also available for when the Internet is not available.
5. Maintenance: viruses, technical support personnel, hardware and software upgrades, software license renewals are now headaches that your business no longer has to deal with or pay for.
6. Productivity: working on the Cloud allows your teams to collaborate virtually anywhere.

Google Apps for Work allow your Business to Work!

As anyone whose ever operated or worked in a business, we often spend most of our time “working” on things that don’t contribute to the bottom line. With Google Apps for Work, we can finally get back to work and fondly remember the “Good old days.”