Google Apps for Business Success!

Google at work

What are Google Apps?

Gone are the “Good old days” where your office would be filled with desk computers loaded with Microsoft Office along with stacks of documents and endless meetings. Also gone are the days where a computer virus would spread across your office network and wipe out your precious award-winning novel. Nowadays, the “Cloud” allows us to work together virtually anywhere in the world where Internet is available without the problems of the “Good old days.” In simple terms, Google Apps are a suite of Cloud-based Tools(Apps) that allow you to collaborate through the Internet without the hassles or limits of our physical locations. Most, if not all of these tools, are freely available to use with a Google account however Google Apps for Work provides additional features specifically tailored for businesses of any size. Coupon codes are available thanks to Internet Marketing Team! check it out to receive 20% off.

With Google Apps for Work, businesses are offered valuable benefits such as:
business email addresses (
24/7 phone and email support
guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime availability
30GB to unlimited storage
interoperability with Microsoft Outlook
auditing and reporting features
enhanced security and admin controls
offline file support

As you’ll see, Google Apps for Work provides a wealth of features that businesses of all types can leverage to maximize success anywhere. Although your business might not need all that Google Apps for Work offers, it’s nice knowing that they’re available. Let’s first begin with the main set of tools provided.

Overview of Tools

1. Gmail: the most popular email service in the world with more thangoogle apps 600 million users and climbing. The business version of Gmail provides custom email names, unlimited group emails, Microsoft Outlook interoperability, twice the storage, no advertisements, and 24/7 support.
2. Hangouts: a meeting and collaboration tool offering advanced video conferencing, group chat, messaging and even voice calls.
3. Calendar: keep all your schedules on time and on budget with a calendar that can be shared across multiple teams.
4. Google +: a social networking platform allowing control of your various business circles and associates. Seamless integration with email, calendar and docs keeping you connected at all levels.
5. Drive: store all your important documents, files securely on the cloud without the fear of losing all your data when you get the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.”
6. Office Suite: Microsoft Office on steroids! A complete office productivity suite of programs made for the Internet and compatible with Microsoft Office files.
Docs – word-processing
Sheets – spreadsheets
Slides – presentations
Forms – survey and form development
Sites – website creation